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Favorite Furnishing Finds: February 2014

This month’s furnishing finds post is dedicated to the wondrous side table. The importance of this piece is often overlooked, though it is such a critical ingredient to any room with dedicated seating. These little gems are where we set our drink, books, glasses, flowers, lamps, tabletop art, and accessories. In the side table we have an opportunity to add color, texture, new materials, and architectural interest.

Though I often use vintage or antique side tables in a space, there are so many great new pieces to choose from. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites here.

Outdoor Furniture Favorites

Summer is in full swing and we’re spending a lot of time outdoors these days. The quality of that time can be significantly affected by our outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately we see a lot of outdoor furnishings that are cheap, unattractive and virtually disposable. Below I share some of our current favorites that range in […]

Mark Cravotta’s Top 10 Favorite Dining Chairs

Dining rooms tend to be one of the more straightforward rooms in the house. They often consist of only a dining table, a set of dining chairs, a chandelier, and possibly a buffet and a rug. Because there are fewer elements than in most other rooms, the importance of quality and character of each piece is […]