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Favorite Furnishing Finds: February 2014

This month’s furnishing finds post is dedicated to the wondrous side table. The importance of this piece is often overlooked, though it is such a critical ingredient to any room with dedicated seating. These little gems are where we set our drink, books, glasses, flowers, lamps, tabletop art, and accessories. In the side table we have an opportunity to add color, texture, new materials, and architectural interest.

Though I often use vintage or antique side tables in a space, there are so many great new pieces to choose from. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites here.

The 8 Steps to Successful Interior Design (and Why It’s Worth the Wait)

How long does the design process take? This is a question every client asks. It’s a great question – with an answer that often surprises clients.

We live in a society that has come to expect that everything is available immediately -whether fast food, stock trades or having your car delivered the day after you order it.

Cravotta Studios feature in Downtown Austin Magazine

Cravotta Studios is honored and excited to be included in the first issue of Downtown Austin Magazine!       DAM is available for pick up at several downtown Austin locations including Girl Next Door, Keepers Clothing, Estilo Austin and Caffe Medici. Sign up for the newsletter on the website, and/or keep up with them […]