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Project Report: Four Seasons Penthouse – The Art of Collaboration

I spent the first half of my life creating in the visual arts. I loved the ability to explore through a wide variety of mediums and dive as deeply as I cared to in any direction. And although I found this work gratifying, it was a largely solitary endeavor. It wasn’t until I started practicing […]

Favorite Furnishing Finds: March 2014

With so many fantastic furnishing finds on my radar, it was difficult to decide which to include in this month’s feature. Rather than focus on a particular category, the common thread in this post is that all these pieces are made by hand. While fine quality can certainly be produced through machinery and mechanization, there is something special about […]

Dream Where You Live: a short film documenting an interior design journey from conception to reality

Our client came to us without a clear vision.

He had always lived in traditional spaces, but with this new home overlooking a rapidly growing skyline, he hoped to embrace a more modern aesthetic without abandoning what he had historically found comfort in.

So we embarked on a journey…

Found in the Details

I love the idea of creating things that last – whether enduring interiors or objects that are designed and crafted to stand the test of time. Some years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being hired to design a house unlike any I had designed before or since.

I was so pleased to see that the editors at Victorian Homes Magazine love the house as much as I do. In reading the article in their most recent issue, I’m reminded of […]

The Cravotta Family Christmas Tradition

I have to say that for me, the weeks leading up to Christmas are a mixed bag; there never seems to be quite enough time. Social invitations and obligations dominate the evenings. The office is bustling in an attempt to end the year without anything critical on the unfinished list. And oh yes, there’s the […]

The Masculine Glamour of Jean de Merry!

The most important part of any project is to really understand our client in order to design an environment that perfectly expresses who they are. If sophistication and polish are fundamental ingredients in that expression, clients and designers alike can be drawn to glamorous style, which is often distinctively feminine in character.

But what if…

Why I Loved the Design Leadership Summit 2013

I had the distinct honor and privilege of attending the 8th annual Design Leadership Summit in New York City, Nov. 5-7, presented by the Design Leadership Network. The DLN is an invited members-only group that gathers the top leaders in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and construction as well as members of the top shelter media publications.

The 8 Steps to Successful Interior Design (and Why It’s Worth the Wait)

How long does the design process take? This is a question every client asks. It’s a great question – with an answer that often surprises clients.

We live in a society that has come to expect that everything is available immediately -whether fast food, stock trades or having your car delivered the day after you order it.

Defining Beauty

How can we define beauty? If asking friends, family and beyond, the answers are likely to vary as much as the people we ask. Some find beauty in nature or in finely crafted objects. Still others find beauty in music or in the eyes of the ones they love. The list goes on and changes…