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The Masculine Glamour of Jean de Merry!

The most important part of any project is to really understand our client in order to design an environment that perfectly expresses who they are. If sophistication and polish are fundamental ingredients in that expression, clients and designers alike can be drawn to glamorous style, which is often distinctively feminine in character.

But what if…

Interior Design Finds: Fuse Lighting

There are any number of factors involved in the alchemy of a successful interior design project and all are important to varying degrees. Not the least of these is the ability to incorporate great original pieces into interior compositions. Anyone familiar with our work at Cravotta Interiors knows that we have a particular passion for […]

Interior Design Lighting: Top 5 Tips

Proper lighting has the potential to transform a space by enhancing the look and feel of any room in your home. Lighting can be used to create atmosphere, add character or highlight a particular piece of furniture, art or object. With so many options, the possibilities are virtually endless which can be overwhelming. The recommendations […]