Mark Cravotta

Owner, Interior Designer

Mark Cravotta founded Cravotta Interiors in 1996 and has been the firm’s creative and driving force ever since. Whether he’s designing homes for A-list celebrities, corporate suites of CEOs, luxury lofts for leaders of technology, or designing custom furniture and one-of-a-kind fixtures to fill those environments, Mark’s interiors always contain a sense of history and adventure. In achieving spaces that unfold in livable luxury, warmth and beauty, Mark uses a mix of natural elements, rich textural surfaces, and evocative furnishings.

Mark’s passion for design was first realized in his years as an artist and jewelry designer. This understanding of, and personal connection to art has resulted in Mark’s ongoing relationships with galleries, artists and collectors around the world, and make art procurement an additional and important element in his practice.

Today, working from his home base in Austin, Texas, Mark expresses his enduring passion for design in the homes he creates for clients. And whether the homes are across the country or around the world, Mark’s goal is constant: to design a home that reflects the highest ideals of the people who live there.

Jill Fanette

Operations and Accounts Manager

Amy Ulmer

Architectural Designer

Alyson Gatrell


Lauren Brackett

Design Assistant

Jessica Santisteban

Design Assistant