Mark Cravotta’s Top 10 Favorite Dining Chairs

Dining rooms tend to be one of the more straightforward rooms in the house. They often consist of only a dining table, a set of dining chairs, a chandelier, and possibly a buffet and a rug. Because there are fewer elements than in most other rooms, the importance of quality and character of each piece is elevated. Each piece has a statement to make so I thought I would share with you my top ten favorite newly produced dining chairs. They range in style from modern to traditional – but all boast super quality in materials, workmanship and finish. And all are examples of great design with timeless forms and classical sensibility.

1. Hadrien Dining Arm Chair by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for Holly Hunt.

hardrien arm chair1-resized-600

2. Aileron Arm Chair by Christophe Pillet for Holly Hunt.

Aileron armchair-resized-600

3. Andriessen Arm & Side Chairs by Gregorius Pineo.

Andriessen Arm chair-resized-600

4. Eva Swivel Chair by Zanotta.

Eva swivel-resized-600

The Eva chairs in a Cravotta Studios project.

FSM Dining Room-resized-600

5. Neoclassic Dining Arm Chair by Blackman Cruz.

Neoclassic chair-resized-600

The Neoclassic chairs in a Cravotta Studios project.

fse dining room-resized-600 (1)

6. Swedish Dining Arm Chair by Rose Tarlow.

Swedish chair-resized-600

7. Ulysses Chair by Randolph and Hein.

Ulysses chair-resized-600


8. Turino Chairs by Randolph and Hein.

Turino Chair-resized-600

9. Wakefield Armchair by Dessin Fournir.

Wakefield armchair-resized-600

10. Palladian Side Chair by Baker.

Palladian Side Chair-resized-600

A 1960’s vintage original of the Palladian chair in a Cravotta Studios project.

JG Dining Table-resized-600