Interior Design Inspiration: Art Institute of Chicago

I recently found myself on a quick overnight business trip to Chicago and due to flight times, I had an afternoon to myself in the Windy City. What do you do in a city like Chicago with a little free time and so many possibilities? As with much of life, I believe you can have virtually anything you want, you just can’t have everything, so I had to choose. Considering my lifelong passion for art and a love of art museums, the Art Institute of Chicago was a great place to kill some time.

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the world’s great museums and at over a million square feet, only the Met in NYC is bigger in the US. Even for an efficient observer like me, that’s a lot of ground to cover in an afternoon; I had to narrow my focus. After a quick survey, I decided to cover the Asian wing before moving on to the focus of this post: the modern wing primarily featuring works by European and American artists between 1900-1960.  While I have an appreciation for art from a very broad spectrum of cultures and time periods, this segment of the art world holds a high concentration of pieces that speak to me.

I try to keep my posts fairly succinct and easily digestible, but I have to admit I had a hard time editing from the hundreds of photos I took. As a result, there are more images here than usual. A few are iconic works, but most are uncharacteristic of the artist or at least not the style that they are best known for. Even so, I find the works beautiful and hope you enjoy them.