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My Top 4 Lessons From 2013

This week as 2013 comes to a close, I began thinking about the important lessons I’ve learned – both in my career as an interior designer, and in my personal life.  I’ve narrowed them down to the top 4 ‘take-aways’ for the year that was.

The Cravotta Family Christmas Tradition

I have to say that for me, the weeks leading up to Christmas are a mixed bag; there never seems to be quite enough time. Social invitations and obligations dominate the evenings. The office is bustling in an attempt to end the year without anything critical on the unfinished list. And oh yes, there’s the […]

The Masculine Glamour of Jean de Merry!

The most important part of any project is to really understand our client in order to design an environment that perfectly expresses who they are. If sophistication and polish are fundamental ingredients in that expression, clients and designers alike can be drawn to glamorous style, which is often distinctively feminine in character.

But what if…

Why I Loved the Design Leadership Summit 2013

I had the distinct honor and privilege of attending the 8th annual Design Leadership Summit in New York City, Nov. 5-7, presented by the Design Leadership Network. The DLN is an invited members-only group that gathers the top leaders in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and construction as well as members of the top shelter media publications.

The 8 Steps to Successful Interior Design (and Why It’s Worth the Wait)

How long does the design process take? This is a question every client asks. It’s a great question – with an answer that often surprises clients.

We live in a society that has come to expect that everything is available immediately -whether fast food, stock trades or having your car delivered the day after you order it.

Magical Marrakech

I absolutely love Morocco. Outside of Paris, Marrakech is my favorite city. I had the privilege of attending a design conference there last year with the Leaders of Design Council. Since this was my first trip to Morocco, I planned to stay and explore for an extra week, joined by my wife. I was in Marrakech…

Defining Beauty

How can we define beauty? If asking friends, family and beyond, the answers are likely to vary as much as the people we ask. Some find beauty in nature or in finely crafted objects. Still others find beauty in music or in the eyes of the ones they love. The list goes on and changes…

Cravotta Interiors Goes to China!

Well not exactly… We are, however, featured in a new Chinese coffee table book, American Style Villa, alongside designers including Barry Dixon and Timothy Corrigan. What an honor to be included among such luminary talent!

The book showcases over thirty homes across the U.S….

Announcing the New Cravotta Interiors Website!

Who would have known that a little graphic design freshen-up project would have led us down such a rabbit hole, but apparently we were touched by the domino effect, and a small project turned into a total transformation. So here we are after months of work, deliberation, design and re-design – finally sporting a new name; Cravotta Studios has become Cravotta Interiors, and we are excited about our brand new website….

Interior Design Inspiration: Art Institute of Chicago

I recently found myself on a quick overnight business trip to Chicago and due to flight times, I had an afternoon to myself in the Windy City. What do you do in a city like Chicago with a little free time and so many possibilities? As with much of life, I believe you can have […]