Project Report: Four Seasons Penthouse – The Art of Collaboration

I spent the first half of my life creating in the visual arts. I loved the ability to explore through a wide variety of mediums and dive as deeply as I cared to in any direction. And although I found this work gratifying, it was a largely solitary endeavor. It wasn’t until I started practicing […]

Favorite Furnishing Finds: May 2014

  This month’s furnishing finds focuses on designer Patrick Naggar, the French artist, architect, and designer whose pieces for me are more reminiscent of sculpture than furniture. The pieces exude quality and a richness in materials and craftsmanship while the designs are infused with grace and beauty with an organic quality that reveals the hand […]

Project Report: Four Seasons Penthouse

  As Charles Eames famously said, “Details are not the details. They make the design.” While there is certainly more to design than just the details, it’s detail that provides opportunity for innovative and nuanced expression in ways both subtle and significant. Pictured above is the entry to a recently completed penthouse apartment in the […]

Artist Spotlight: Beili Liu

I’m a big fan of Beili Liu. I find her work emotionally captivating and infused with sublime beauty. Born in Jilin, China, Liu lives and works in Austin, Texas and is an Associate Professor of Art at The University of Texas at Austin.

Whether the art is contained to a canvas or manifest on a grander scale as a site-specific installation piece,

Favorite Furnishing Finds: March 2014

With so many fantastic furnishing finds on my radar, it was difficult to decide which to include in this month’s feature. Rather than focus on a particular category, the common thread in this post is that all these pieces are made by hand. While fine quality can certainly be produced through machinery and mechanization, there is something special about […]

Dream Where You Live: a short film documenting an interior design journey from conception to reality

Our client came to us without a clear vision.

He had always lived in traditional spaces, but with this new home overlooking a rapidly growing skyline, he hoped to embrace a more modern aesthetic without abandoning what he had historically found comfort in.

So we embarked on a journey…

Found in the Details

I love the idea of creating things that last – whether enduring interiors or objects that are designed and crafted to stand the test of time. Some years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being hired to design a house unlike any I had designed before or since.

I was so pleased to see that the editors at Victorian Homes Magazine love the house as much as I do. In reading the article in their most recent issue, I’m reminded of […]

Favorite Furnishing Finds: February 2014

This month’s furnishing finds post is dedicated to the wondrous side table. The importance of this piece is often overlooked, though it is such a critical ingredient to any room with dedicated seating. These little gems are where we set our drink, books, glasses, flowers, lamps, tabletop art, and accessories. In the side table we have an opportunity to add color, texture, new materials, and architectural interest.

Though I often use vintage or antique side tables in a space, there are so many great new pieces to choose from. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites here.