Announcing the New Cravotta Interiors Website!

Who would have known that a little graphic design freshen-up project would have led us down such a rabbit hole, but apparently we were touched by the domino effect, and a small project turned into a total transformation. So here we are after months of work, deliberation, design and re-design – finally sporting a new name; Cravotta Studios has become Cravotta Interiors, and we are excited about our brand new website. The site has been live for a couple of months while we’ve continued to make modifications and improvements along the way. We’re proud of the new look and responsive functionality and hope you enjoy perusing and sharing with others. You can even check us out on your mobile phone while on the go.

A number of our projects are currently on editors’ desks, and due to exclusivity, we are not yet able to share some of our favorites on the new website’s “Projects” gallery page. We hope to have those projects posted in the coming months, so check back often!

In addition, we have four recently completed projects awaiting professional photography, so look for those to hit the site over the next year.

We love playing our part in designing a better experience of living. And we’d love to hear from you.